Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Boost remote work productivity while keeping files secure with Virtual Desktops.


Give life to any workplace with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is defined as the hosting of desktops in a virtualized environment. Instead of running on a desktop service in a device within your office or home, the desktop is instead stored within in a central server and delivered to end clients through the network. The team simply connects to their company’s network in the office or remotely through a secure connection, enters their credentials, then they are presented with their virtualized desktop, stored information, web browser, and even applications.

Give your employees the best virtualized desktops on the market for better workflow and stronger synergy, no matter where your team works. Enable frictionless experiences across any workspace and give access to apps and data they need to get the job done. No matter where your team works, make sure your team can connect to business essentials to get the job done. With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) employees have no need to save company data on a personal device.

‍Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Benefits to your Employees 


One of the most important aspects of every company is the security of their network. Multiple layers of security are required to protect stored data from unauthorized access, domain name system (DNS) monitoring to prevent malicious sites from planting malware and ransomware into a network, and the security of each of the endpoints connected to that network is reliant on what the user accesses. By having your data stored in a central location protected with your security layers rather than spread out across the network, the chances of unauthorized access and data loss is drastically reduced.    


There is little to no difference between what a user sees accessing a traditional desktop environment as compared to what they see with a virtualized desktop. While there are a few security checkpoints the user will need to pass in order to access your network, once accessed, they are essentially running on an environment that is the same as a traditional desktop, but virtualized.  


IT staff and management will have a window into every desktop environment on the network in one centralized location. Administrators can add or remove a new or existing client with just a few clicks of their mouse, set specific permissions to individual users or groups, allocate storage and bandwidth from one interface, and monitor users’ activity through one pane of glass.  


A virtualized desktop gives you access to every aspect of what’s happening on the endpoint. You can monitor activity through each of the clients and populate reports regularly that help your team to have better insight as to the productivity of your workforce. Doing so will better serve you to make decisions with immediate implementation regarding resource allocation and permissions.  Not only will you have greater insight as to what’s happening on your network, you’ll also have full visibility of each user’s activity within the network.   

Our TekscapeVoice Workspace provides your team with remote desktop access any time, anywhere.

Learn about the benefits that come with implementing a VDI solution.

Boost Productivity

Learn about the benefits that come with implementing a VDI solution.

Lower IT Costs

Save overall costs when having your VDI managed for easy deployment.

Enable Users Everywhere

Adapt to the changing needs of an increasingly flexible workplace.

Secure Sensitive Data

Protect private company and user information from any location.

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