Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Business

Human error accounts for roughly 95% of cybersecurity breaches. Increase your workforce’s cyber awareness while making it fun for your team in the process. Let’s get your employees on the front lines against cyber-attacks with Tekscape’s cybersecurity awareness training for business.


Security awareness training made efficient and easy.

Reduce the risk of human error when it comes to cyber-attacks. Employee education is crucial in the development of cyber hygiene and awareness. We analyze users over 12 months, and our dedicated research continues to showcase alarming results. Generally, the initial baseline prone to email scams percentage (pre-training) is 31-36%. Deploy what you need within minutes and get the support necessary to install and manage switches at a scale. With Tekscape to support you, we make sure you are in good hands when it comes to your network.

How Security Awareness Training Reduces Risk of Cyber-Attacks

It is not a matter of if a cyber-attack could happen to you or your employees. It is a matter of when the attack will occur. According to Verizon, roughly 85% of breaches are due to human error. As organizations race to improve their technology protect against cyber-attacks, many are simultaneously taking advantage of Security Awareness Training for their employees. Employee training has been around for some time now but as cybercrime evolves, so should our educational material. Employees are the front-line defense against hackers and phishing scams.

Security Training & Assignments

Give employees quality training and assignments to increase activities that reduce cyberattacks.

Simulated Phishing Testing

Launch simulated phishing tests for your employees to prevent future emergencies.

Cyber Awareness Content

Content for cybersecurity best practices. Give employees what they need to improve security.

Employee Risk Visibility

Understand your landscape when it comes to employee risk and prevention.

Reduce Liability Costs

Cyberattacks are very expensive. Reduce the liability of spending more in the future.

Improve Cyber Hygiene

Improve your company culture around cyberattack prevention. It starts with your team.

Questions to Ask Yourself about Employees and Cybersecurity Knowledge

  • Are your employees trained to avoid or see through a cyber-attack attempt?
  •  If a cyber-attack is successful through an employee, is your business ready for retaliating?
  • Do I have reports and KPIs that show my teams proneness to phishing scams?
  • Do I have educational content for my employees?

Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Every Industry

Because cybersecurity is so complicated and attacks change so rapidly, it is understandable that organizations struggle to keep up with best practices. Security Awareness Training is a form of education that supports and equips members of an organization with key information that protects themselves and their company from any lost assets or harm. This form of training is especially crucial for compliance reasons like PCI or HIPPAA within SMBs. The beauty of Awareness Training is the fact that it runs in the background while staff continue to work from their computers.


Key Components of Security Awareness Training

  • Acquiring Surveys and Assessments
  • Educational Content and Resources
  • Executive Level Support and Planning
  • Obtaining Key Metrics and Reports
  • Regular Testing and Simulations
  • Campaign Support Materials
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